Annie & Marina Grimacante

The spaced-out scientist

In this blog, I write in-depth articles about whatever has been on my mind. Oftentimes, I dig into the history of science, philosophy, psychology, religion, mysticism, esotericism and cosmology. But sometimes, I’ll review a show I recently saw, a musician I’ve been listening to or a book that I just read that has had an impact on my life. I also have written many articles on some useful parenting “lifehacks” I’ve come across in my struggles as a single parent.

I think the common theme in my blog is spirituality and how it relates to science and the modern world. Contrary to popular belief, science actually often supports spiritual knowledge and vice-versa. You’ll find many concrete examples within.

I usually post an article once every 2-4 weeks. I’d love to post more but I’m a full-time mom and I also work full time. 

Check out my graphic design and art portfolios, and publications pages as well!

About me

I hold a Bachelor of Science in environmental sciences and a Master of Science specializing in entomology. I also have a Bachelor of Fine Arts and worked as a graphic designer before changing career paths.

I currently work as a director of communications in the health care field, and previously managed communications at a renewable energy company.

You may contact me, Annie Webb, for any writing or design opportunities at spacedoutscientist@gmail.com.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Annie,
    I have been a student of Alchemy and the history of science and knowledge for about 66 years, and a practising Alchemist for most of that time. I see a lot of articles on-line about the history of Alchemy and Hermeticism, which don’t quite get it right, Lawrence Principe seems to have a better handle on it, however even he is missing some points.
    I suppose, after all these years, I should put my experiences to paper… or papyrus 🙂 I have been with a writers’ group for a few years, acting as their editor… Perhaps I should publish. There are many things I could contribute to “the knowledge.”
    Any correspondence would be welcome,
    J.P. Van Gordon [ writing under the pseudonym of “Ian Gordon” ]

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