Toronto troubadour Corin Raymond warms hearts on the coldest night of the year

Despite the extreme Montreal deep freeze, eager fans were gathered at the intimate bohemian bar, Casa del Popolo, last Saturday to see Canadian singer-songwriter Corin Raymond. He joked that it was “the hardest night to sell of the year” yet the mood was warm and cozy, and everyone was pleased to have made it out […]

Blues wonder Philip Sayce releases Scorched Earth

Jon Bon Jovi was stunned when he first heard Philip Sayce play guitar alongside Melissa Etheridge at the 2007 Grammy Awards. After the performance, Bon Jovi told the audience, “I want to give a special nod to Philip, who I immediately opened the program and said ‘Who the fuck is that guitar player?’ Pretty fabulous […]

Toronto ain’t so bad after all

I’m spending Saint-Jean-Baptiste or “la fête nationale”, a public holiday celebrating the province of Quebec and it’s culture, in Toronto, Ontario. I’m a fluently bilingual Montrealer, visiting my American father and my Quebecoise mother who live in Toronto. Sacrilege you say? I don’t think so.   Most Montrealers, whether English or French speaking, view Toronto as […]