Medication safety website

Website content targets seniors to educate and advise about medication safety. Web design integrates simple navigation, responsive design, clear, crisp images, high contrast and a larger font size.


Expo logo design

Logo for an event on medication safety in Montreal called Expo Déprescription. The event targets seniors and organizations working with seniors and health. The goal was to raise awareness about the risks of certain medications, as well as taking too many medications.

Annual report

First annual report for the Canadian Deprescribing Network, which is a group of doctors, pharmacists, researchers and patient advocates raising awareness about the risks of certain medications and of being overmedicated.

Sleep brochure

This brochure targets seniors who are at risk of harmful effects of sleeping pills. The brochure provides alternatives and techniques for obtaining a good night’s sleep without medications. The design integrates a large font size and a bold typeface to accommodate older adults who may have vision problems.

Empower brochures

The brochures were designed to be part of a randomized control trial on medications and target seniors. The brochures were designed to trigger a behaviour change.


This postcard is handed out at events, workshops and conferences to raise awareness about risky medications and deprescribing.